Underdark Travel

Travel pace in the Underdark is significantly slower than for overland travel. Not only are the tunnels and passages often difficult terrain with uneven surfaces, but routes in the Underdark are rarely direct, and the characters must follow available passages and their various twists and turns, climbs and descents.

Pace Miles Per Day Effect
Fast 8 -5 to Passive Perception scores, no foraging.
Normal 6 Foraging
Slow 4 Improved Foraging or use of Stealth.

Mapping: A character not focused on any other task, including watching for danger while traveling, can record the group’s progress through the Underdark and create a map of the route.

Foraging: Characters can gather food and water if the party travels at a normal or slow pace. A foraging character is distracted from using his/her Passive Perception to notice danger. But you will get a Perception roll to notice.


Underdark Travel

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