Scourge Of The Drow

Travels through the dark

Brilliance and Madness


We find a location to rest, and settle in. During Tak and Stool’s watches a few drow slip

into the small chamber we’re resting in. They are as surprised to find us here as Tak is

to see them.

Two drow fire their hand crossbows at Tak, the other two fire at Stool, but they

ALL miss. Tak tells Stool to wake the others, then moves to the closest two drow. Drawing

his sword as he goes, and slashes one leaving a bleeding wound.
Angus wakes grabs his hand crossbow, sits up, fires at one of the drow but misses.

Eldeth wakes grabs her shortsword and stumbles towards the drow waiting for one to close.

The drow Tak slashed dropped its hand crossbow, draws his sword and cut him too. The other

three fire hand crossbows again and continue to miss. Tak stumbles and misses the drow.

Stool wakes Shar and Jimjar.
Shar stands, moves forward drawing her sword. Angus closes with the drow oposite

Tak striking with both hands. Eldeth closes with another drow. One of them fires his hand

crossbow at Angus hitting him point blank. Another fires at Eldeth missing, the next drops

his hand crossbow and slashes Eldeth. Tak and his drow block and parry each others

attacks. He tells the drow, "you don’t need to die here, there is a place for you in the

moonlit lands above, throw down your weapons."
Shar flanks the drow Tak was fighting and cuts him down, she moves to the next in

line and slashes him too. Angus pummels the drow he is fighting. Eldeth stabs her drow.

Jimjar joins the fray stabbing another drow, slaying it. The drow fighting Angus

disengages and starst to flee. The last one steps over to Angus and slashes him, leaving

him bleeding badly. Tak casts Command on the fleeing drow, ordering him to “STOP!” then

moves over to Angus. Shuushar picks up Stool and backs to the wall, waiting safely behind

Shar draws her short sword, moves to the drow attacking Angus and cuts him down as

she chases the pursuing drow. Angus runs down the fleeing drow, landing punishing blows.

The drow calls out to Ilvara as he falls. We are not happy to hear her name again. Tak

casts Cure Wounds on Angus, and lays hands on Eldeth to deal with our worst wounds.

We loot the drow;
4 hand crossbows, 30 drow sleep bolts (DC 13 Con poisoned for 1 hours, if failed by 5, is

also asleep), 2 pouches with pots of drow sleep poison (5 doses each). Angus, Shar, and

Tak each take 10 bolts, Angus and Tak take the pots. 4 short swords, 4 chain shirts.

We drag the drow bodies back the way they came. Angus and Tak hear movement further along

the tunnel. We sneak back to camp (Tak is not sneaky). We gather the others and sneak away

from the intersection, Shuushar covers our tracks. We find a dead end to finish our rest.

We travel for another day without incidents. Tak finding food and water to sustain us. The

next day Shar nimbly steps aside as a steam vent erupts beneath her. Soon after we see

light ahead. We usher Shuushar and Stool into a cravase. We see three small creatures

aproaching. They call out a well met, claiming to be traders.

We do some more trading they tell us we are 21 days away from Blingdenstone if we cross

the gorge. We sell the chain shirts, short swords, and hand crossbows (Each party member

gets 11g). Angus buys a backpack and some cloth.

Another day later while traversing a long twisting cavern a tremor dislodges rocks which

fall from above. Angus, Tak, Shuushar, are all knocked down and nearly killed by the rock

fall. Shar rushes from one to the other feeding them healing potions. Ralizing the danger

they are in of more rock falls Tak uses all of his healing powers to get himself Angus,

and Shuushar back on their feet. We continue on picking our way carefully through the

rubble. Later we see a solitary traveler. Tak calls a quite “well met.” A moon elf with a

slave collar steps into the dim light. Tak asks if he’d like one of us to remove the

collar. He is very exited at the posibility saying it is how they are tracking him. Shar

reaches out and tears the collar off his neck. He introduces himself as Erden, a farmer near Baldur’s Gate that was held captive by duergar. Tak gives him a spear to defend himself and asks him to stay with Shuushar and Stool if a fight breaks out. We continue to travel using rations to make up for anything Tak, JImjar, and Shuushar can’t gather.

The next day we continue to make our way towards the gorge. The rocky walls come alive! Tentacles reach out towards us! Gricks attack with tentacles and beaks from both sides of the tunnel. They wound Tak and Jimjar, again we are fighting for our lives!

Eldeth sees the walls come alive and stabs the closest grick. Tak notices it resisting the sword blow, and warns the others. He draws his sword and misses. Shar slashes wildly at another and misses. Angus fires a poison bolt at one of the grick hitting it. Jimjar attacked and missed. Erden, Shuushar, and Stool back away to safety. The grick attack with flailing tentacles and clacking beaks, Shar is struck, and Jimjar is knocked unconsious.
Eldeth attacks the poisoned grick but misses. Tak calls on Eilistraee and divine strikes the grick, hurting it. Shar slashes the grick on her side of the tunnel. Angus moves forward and attacks with a flurry of blows. The grick continue attacking, Angus is wounded, Jimjar is knocked down.
Eldeth finishes off the single grick, them turns to attack the one oposite it. Tak steps across the hall to aid Angus. Shar slashes the front grick again. Angus punches the back one. Jimjar lies bleeding. Shuushar moves forward and attends to his wounds stabilizing him.
Eldeth and Tak continue to fight but are just holding their own. Shar slashes a tentacle completely off the front grick, it bleeds out and dies twitching. Angus punches the grick again. The remaining grick flails at Tak but his armor and shield turn the blows.
Eldeth waits for an opening. Tak slashes another rubbery tentacle. Shar pauses to catch her breath. Angus bashes the grick again.
Eldeth continues to wait. Tak misses the thrashing beast. Shar thrusts her long sword into it and it dies too.

Now that the fight is over Tak goes to tend to Jimjar with a cure wounds spell, waking him up. He lays hands on Shar and Angus. Angus searches the crevases the grick were hidden in. He finds a staff shaped like a stylized serpent. We move a short ways away and take a short rest while Tak studies the staff.

It is a Staff of the Python usable by a Cleric, Druid, or Warlock. Angus holds onto it. Perhaps we can trade it for some thing of use.

Charlie gives us 388exp for a total of 1,250. Ding 3rd level!

We continue on our way, the rest of that day as well as the next without significant events. We come upon a long narrow chamber that bends off to the right. The muck and mud is 3 feet deep in places which will make for slow going. As we come around the bend another small figure aproaches through the muck. Just its head above the surface. Tak calls out “well met muddy traveler.” The figure who is now noticibly a duergar grumpily tells us to get out of his way, he’s on an important mission. We shuffle out of his way, as he passes Angus and some of the others see the by now familiar light of madness in his eyes. We let him pass on his way. We rest after we struggle out of the mud.

The next day (day 8 AD, After Demagorgon) passes without incident. When we look for a place to rest we come upon a dwarven ruin in an area of faerzress. We find we can secure one of the 8 rooms and hold up for a long rest. Angus finds a receipt. It is written in common for 18g in goods and services (a sack of rations, and mess kit) from Aurora’s (Whole realms emporium). Angus investigates the ruin while Tak stands guard, he determines it is a well used resting place.

During day 9 we come across a passage blocked by webs. It looks like they go on for 100’. Jimjar and Tak discuss detours and decide they would take to long. We think the webs will cut our travels in half today. Angus rigs up a torch using Tak’s short sword, some of the gaudy cloth he bought, and webbing. He leads the way burning webbing. The smoke is acrid and unpleasant. Angus sees a strugling form in the webbing ahead. As he gets closer he recognizes it as an Orog. It calls out, “say there, I seem to have become stuck, could you help me out.” He tells us he is investigating faerzress and a demonic incursion. He introduces himself as Blurg and tells us he’s a member of the Society of Brilliance (highly intelligent monsters). We tell him about the faerzress at the dwarf ruins, and the destruction of Sloobludop at the tentacles of Demagorgon. He tells us he’s looking to meet friends in the Society; a Derro, Mind Flayer, Kua-toa etc. He asks us to tell the others that he’s going to the dwarf ruin if we come across them. We discuss the fact that the bouts of madness may be related to the faerzress and incursion. He goes on his way. We burn and slash our way past the webbing. Later we take another long rest.

During day 10 we come upon a cavern full of fungi. Stool perks up here. We have a meal of mushrooms. Tak, Jimjar, and Shuushar stock us up on some that travel ok. We steer clear of and warns the others about dangerous mushrooms. And they look for some exotic types as well.

Tak finds a Tongue of Madness fungue. It looks somewhat like a large human tongue. A creature that eats it must make a DC12 Con save or compulsively speak its every though out loud for the next hour.

We camp here for the night, finding a barrel fungus that provides food and water.

On day 11 we hear shreiking and incoherent moans echoing through the passages. We can’t tell where they come from. We try to ignore it, but it carries on for over an hour. Jimjar cries out, “The shriking, the voices, I can’t take it.” He turns and attacks Shar, cutting her.

Angus fires his hand crossbow and misses. Shar slaps him with the flat of her sword. Eldeth also tries to knock Jimjar out, but misses. Jimjar attacks Shar again telling her to stop making that noise! Tak throws his net over Jimjar restraining him!
Angus shoots again poisoning him, but Jimjar does not fall asleep. Shar swats him again. He collapses in a heap.

Tak gathers up his net, and picks up Jimjar carrying him as we continue on. The shrieking stops a couple hours later. Jimjar wakes later with a headache and doesn’t remember the fight. Tak fills him in, and lets him carry his own weight.

We wrap for the night.



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