Scourge Of The Drow

Fishy family feud.

Demigorgon breaks the surface.


A carrion crawler shoves its way into the midst of our march striking at Shuushar, and Angus with tentacles. Angus shrugs off the beginnings of paralysis, and Shuushar is bitten.
The carrion crawler lashes out at Shuushar again and the Kuo-toa falls. Shar turns to attack it with her shortsword. Stool withdraws from the carrion crawler moving behind Eldeth. Angus calls upon Lathandar and pummels crawler with a flurry of blows. Eldath stabilizes Shuushar. Jimjar can’t reach the beast, and does not have anything to throw. Tak steps forward and slashes the carrion crawler.
The carrion crawler lashes Tak and Shar, paralyzing Tak. Shar slashes it again and mucus sprays from the thrashing beast. Angus swings away and the carrion crawler falls before his right and left fists.

A few moments later Tak shakes off his paralysis. As Angus is tending to Shuushar’s wounds Tak casts Cure Wounds restoring his health. Angus notices a recess in the wall above us that the carrion crawler fall upon us from. He looks at the wall as though to climb it. Tak offers his hand and thanks him for his aid, when Angus grasps his hand Tak lays hands on him. Then Angus climbs up to the recess and finds the corpses of two drow. While he does Tak lays hands on Shar healing her wounds too.

Loot from drow bodies:
Two backpacks [Angus & Tak], chainmail [Tak], studded leather, two sets of clothes [Shar & Tak], short sword, long sword [Shar], dagger, shield, hand crossbow w/ 16 bolts, 6 potions (Healing 2d4+2) [1 each], pouch w/ 161 gold (Mantol Darith coins / 23g each) [Eldeth carries], Clerical holy symbol (Eilistraee) [Tak].

Angus returns to the rest of the group, we hand the new gear out. Any thing not claimed is put in the two backpacks carried by Angus and Tak.

We come upon a small chamber with three passages and rest there for the night. On Tak’s watch he hears noise in one of the tunnels. He sneaks (I know right!) over to the entrance and hears footsteps. They are not being sneaky. He telepathically asks Stool to wake the others, who does so telepathically. Five duergar walk around a turn and Tak welcomes them into the camp. It turns out they are merchants and we do some trade. They continue on down the tunnel the way we came. The rest of the morning passes without trouble.

When we are ready to head out Shuushar tells us some thing is wrong with Stool. Angus examines him and tells us he appears to be stunned. Taknafein takes a close look about the chamber and out the other two tunnels. Finding nothing he suggests Jimjar lead the way, and Shuushar carries Stool. A while later Stool recovers and is confused, it does not know what happened. Angus thinks he sees madness in its eyes. We discuss the increase in cases of madness of late. We travel through the dimly lit winding tunnels. As our tunnel comes to a chamber whith four entrances we come uppon a group of kua-toa. They are blocking the tunnel we want, the path to Slubludup. Tak asks Shuushar to parley with them for us. As he reaches the front of the group the other party attacks!

Angus throws his makeshift fire bomb between us and the kua-toa shedding light on them. Jimjar grips his shortsword and prepares to fight the kua-toa. All but one of them rush across the chamber swinging nets and blocking the tunnel ahead of us. Shuushar retreats back to Eldeth and Stool. Shar moves forward attacking with long and short swords, her opponent looks wobbly. Eldeth moves forward and strikes another kua-toa. Stool cheers us on telepathically and wierdly. Tak moves forwards and casts bless on Angus, Shar, and himself.
Angus moves forward and fires his hand crossbow at the one in the back. Jimjar joins the fray. The kua-toa cast their nets! Shar and Jimjar are restrained by nets. (Str or Wpn dmg to break free). Shar cuts her way free. Eldeth finishes off the kua-toa she was fighting. Tak steps in front of Jimjar, in the midst of the kua-toa and finishes off the one fighting Shar.
Angus drops his handcrossbow moves into the meele and uses Ki to make a flurry of blows slashing it twice with shortsword, and then kicks, felling it. Jimjar frees himself from his net. The remaining kua-toa move forward with spear and nets. Tak is stabbed. Shar slashes a kua-toa. Eldeth follows Angus forward and slashes the kua-toa in front of Tak. He finishes off that wounded one freeing up Angus to move.
Angus circles the fire and attacks the rear kua-toa with hand and foot laying him out. Jimjar continues to attack. The last four call our to the Deep Father (an evil kua-toa deity) and disengage. Shar follows cutting one down. Eldeth also pursues and attacks. Tak joins the pursuit wounding another.
Angus strikes a fresh one wounding it. Jimjar waves as they flee. The kua-toa continue to disengage. Shar continues her pusuit finishing off the slower one. Eldeth cuts down the one fleeing her. Tak can’t reach the last kua-toa, drops his sword, draws and fires his hand crossbow, but alas he misses.
Angus rushes forward and attacks missing. The last one flees into the darkness.

Kua-toa loot:
Half a dozen spears & nets, ragged clothes.
The leader had better clothes, a tunic, bone teeth & sharks tooth necklaces.

No one was wounded badly but we take a rest. We hear a dying scream down the tunnel to Sloobludop. A short while later half a dozen more kua-toa arive. These wear better clothes, two elaborately so. Their leader Pluplupeen is not concerned that the previous band was slain. He casts a spell so we can all understand and tells us that with the Sea Mother’s blessings if we help them we will be rewarded. Tak offers to help as Eilistraee preaches peace among the races. His daughter has sworn to the Deep Father and is making blood sacrifices. Tossing chum into the Dark Lake where some thing eats it.

He tells us that the Deep Father’s group tried to capture us to be sacrifices. He would like us to pose as those sacrifices, but instead of being unarmed we would be presented to the high priestess with our weapons. There to create a diversion so the followers of the Sea Mother can cut the head off their opposition. He seems sincere. He and his entorage escort us to Sloobludop. The guards let us pass. He leads us to the shrine of the Sea Mother. A rather fishy combination of giant crustacians.

Angus tells us that regurgitation is considered an earnest offering. Considering the smell several of us including Tak don’t have any difficulty throwing up our lunch. Then Pluplupeen leads us to his quarters. His son loudly states outsiders should not be involved in their holy maters. We rest for a while (short rest) and discuss what to do if things go sideways. Tak suggests we make for a boat protecting Shuushar and Jimjar as they can steer the thing.

After our rest Pluplupeen escorts us to the altar of the Deep Father. As the archpriest joins the others. He offers us to her as a peace offering and sacrifice. She accepts and the crowd of kua-toa cheer, dancing and chanting. We quickly lose track of which group is which. We are hearded to a slight depression for the sacrifice. Pluplupeen attacks his daughter, which is our signal to attack!

Angus waits for Tak to cast bless, or a kua-toa to attack. Eldeth moves to a guard and attacks. Shar moves to the closest guard and slashes it twice. Tak casts Bless on Angus, Shar, and himself again. Moves into the melee, telling Stool and Shuushar to head for shore. Angus attacks his guard. Jimjar attacks another guard missing.
Angus finishes off his guard then moves to help Jimjar. Eldeth finishes off her guard. Shar finishes off a guard and moves on to another also wounding it. Tak finishes off that one and moves to engage two others. They stab at him with their spears, and he looses concentration on his Bless. Shar, Jimjar, and Angus are all missed. Jimjar continues to hold the guards spear at bay. Stool and Shuushar see the waters at the shore roiling, kua-toa in the shallows are being pulled under and froths of blood are on the waves.
Angus spear hands a guard. Eldeth moves to help Jimjar cutting down that guard. Tak swings and misses. The remaining kua-toa attack. As the high priestess falls before her fathers attacks she calls our to the Deep Father. A thick oily tentacle breaks the surface of the water. Two heads with red glowing eyes follow it, rising above the waters to its 30 foot height. Half the kua-toa are changing Lemugugon in worship of it. Angus recognize it as Demigorgon! It starts towards the shore.

We waste a couple of moments yelling about going North or South. Yelling to flee the wathers we head past the altars and head for the South gate. As we turn away we see Demigorgon reach the shore and begin lashing at the town with its tentacles killing end destroying every thing in reach!

Stool telepathically babbles incoherently. Shuushar flees in terror from Demigorgon. Eldeth stops in the street screaming that we are all going to die. Angus turns and knocks her out, carrying her away. Tak brings up the rear yelling, “faster you fools!” We open the gate and flee Sloobludop, with the screams of dying kuap-toa and crash of towers receding behind us.

When the caves and cavers are quiet around us again we discuss where to go next. Tak considers waiting out the demon and going back to the town to see if a boat survived the wreckage. Jimjar says he wouldn’t risk traveling over the Dark Lake now. So we discuss going East or West to get to around the lake. We decide to risk passing Menzoberanzan because it cuts four tendays off our journey to Blingdenstone.

We wrap for the night.



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