Taknafein Von'Gorune

Tim's Character


Taknafein is 99 years old, 4’10" tall and weighs 85 lbs. He has the typical dusky skin and white hair of the drow with ice blue eyes.


Taknafein had the misfortune to be born into the drow house of Von’Gorune without noble blood or a patron. As such he was destined to become one of the house’s foot soldiers. As a young drow he never acquired the habit of bullying, he would often get himself in trouble trying to protect the weaker boys from the stronger. One of the more severe beatings he received as a result has left him with a damaged sense of balance, and lacking the normal drow grace. The punishments and beatings intended to drive compassion out of Taknafein never quite worked out. Throughout his life Taknafein would briefly meet other drow that whispered of another way of life. High above the dark caves of his people beneath a moonlit sky. These influences invariably passed out of his life, some times at the cruel hands of priestesses of Lolth. As a young soldier on patrol he had a dream of moonlight and music. A very profound and personal calling to Elistrae. The call that all the whispers of his youth were building up to. He fled his life in the city of Eryndlyn and ventured out seeking the High Moor on the surface above the Northdark. Before he got far he was captured. Now he toils as a slave in Velkynvelve waiting for an opportunity to escape.

Taknafein Von'Gorune

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